Watch: The Editing in Damien Chazelle’s ‘Whiplash’: A Closer Look

Watch: The Editing in Damien Chazelle’s ‘Whiplash’: A Closer Look

In one sense, you could ask what else there is in Damien Chazelle’s ‘Whiplash’ but the editing. The performances by character-acting veterans like J.K. Simmons or Paul Reiser are remarkable, as is the intense, vulnerable work of Miles Teller, but what really holds the film together, to paraphrase a certain classic, is the splicing of one shot over another over another… This piece by "Robigo TV" is an acute look at Chazelle’s recent film, with a lot of persuasive enthusiasm. You could say the writing could be dusted off, or you could take issue with the video’s near-half-hour length, but you can’t fault the closeness of its attention, or, really, its accuracy.  As we walk through several of the most intimate and hard-hitting scenes of the film, we get to know the work and its characters better, and we also remember the importance of editing in film, all too often taken for granted. This piece is an act of true appreciation, and the appreciation is contagious. 

6 thoughts on “Watch: The Editing in Damien Chazelle’s ‘Whiplash’: A Closer Look”

  1. Look forward to checking this out. Serendipity, I’m working on a swish pan breakdown from the film.


  2. Solid, but there’s a few grammatical errors in the introduction. I guess there’s another type of editing. “This essay will PROOF that every shot is well thought OFF for a well done feature movie, such as Whiplash. Yikes.


  3. Great analysis, but i still think is way better to do this essays with a voice over, it make it faster to understand.


  4. Great post, definitely going to give this video a watch. One note: his name is spelled Damien Chazelle, not Damian.


  5. Great post Max, an incredible film with incredible editing. I would encourage you to add the name of the film’s editor to your article, Tom Cross. An incredible talented editor who won an Oscar for his work on the film.


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