Watch: David Fincher: From Adidas to Benjamin Button

Watch: David Fincher: From Adidas to Benjamin Button

The latest installment in Raccord’s excellent series on David Fincher takes up some of his more knotty work–namely ‘Zodiac’ and ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’–along with the commercial work addressed earlier in the series. We can see Fincher developing here, focusing in on a kind of intricacy that may have been akin to intellectual play for him in his early films, the fulfillment of an inner desire to communicate, but becomes a kind of ars cinematica as his work matures. By the end of this in-depth piece, which includes many clips of interviews with Fincher and others, the journey from the gangly robot of Fincher’s famous Adidas commercial to the wizened Brad Pitt of ‘Benjamin Button’ or the obsessive Jake Gyllenhaal of ‘Zodiac’ seems a quite logical one, almost inevitable.

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