WATCH: A Video Essay about Faith and IDA

WATCH: A Video Essay about Faith and IDA

**ALERT: This video essay contains spoilers.**

The title of this piece, "Framing the Faith of IDA," is appropriate: when watching Pawel Pawlikowski’s film, the element that stands out most is, indeed, the visual framework. Walls. Roofs. Squares. Diagonals. Triangles. Rectangles. These shapes merge and conspire to press downwards against the film’s heroine, as she, in turn, frees herself (if only momentarily) from the constraints of faith, or at least finds out what life is like on the other side of it. Steve Vredenburgh’s video essay for the Brehm Center neatly takes apart structural elements of the film, such as the differences in characters’ clothing, or the film’s drab colors, and examines the ways in which they support this dramatic, strange, unforgettable film’s exploration of the hazards and benefits of faith.

One thought on “WATCH: A Video Essay about Faith and IDA”

  1. I like these essays so much.Thank you. I was only surprised by the fact that music wasn’t mentioned. From Mozart to Jazz, I think it was just as important as framing, clothing and faith. Thanks!


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