Watch: Jean-Luc Godard, Divider and Unifier

Watch: Jean-Luc Godard, Divider and Unifier

Break. Splinter. Split. Deconstruct. Consume. Reshape. Sample. Discard. Eject. Deify. Destroy. Regenerate. Halt. Start again. Groove. This was the spirit Jean-Luc Godard brought to such seminal 1960s films as ‘Breathless‘ or ‘Pierrot le fou‘ or ‘Band of Outsiders,’ and this is the spirit in which kogonada, whoever that may be, has constructed this latest video essay for the Criterion Collection. The piece is zippy, to say the least, and goes a long way towards kindling interest in Godard within the ranks of the sadly uninitiated. We claim, in the twenty-first century, to have a copyright on the fragment, on the incomplete story, on the uncomfortable juxtaposition of text and image, and yet, really, it all started here.