Watch: Terrence Malick’s Influence on… Well… Everybody

Watch: Terrence Malick’s Influence on… Well… Everybody

Ah, Terrence Malick, where would we be without your wistful, sweeping, speculative influence? As it turns out, nowhere much. Video-essay machine Jacob T. Swinney has turned out yet another piece recently, this on Malick’s ever-expanding stamp on filmmakers ranging from Cary Fukunaga to Zack Snyder to Shane Carruth, spottable by a recognition of the human capacity to dream.  

3 thoughts on “Watch: Terrence Malick’s Influence on… Well… Everybody”

  1. I was just gonna say – where the hell is Lubezki in this and The Revenant. Lubezki clearly carries "Malickian" immediacy in those handheld, wide-angle close-ups. Also where the hell is David Gordon Green’s "George Washington" in this? Omissions in this Sweeney’s fan-cut


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