Watch: A Trip To Pluto and Beyond

Watch: A Trip To Pluto and Beyond

Do you remember when you first learned what a planet was? When someone pointed up at the sky and explained that, out there in the darkness, there were huge masses of rock and gas that were as big as Earth, if not bigger? Do you remember wondering what those planets looked like? Or wishing you could travel to one of them, and see outer space? That’s the feeling this video by Erik Wernquist accesses, as it gives us a three-minute history of space exploration. He made it on commission for NASA, and with the use of NASA’s images, to commemorate a very special event that’s taking place tomorrow, July 14, 2015. Tomorrow, our spacecraft are exploring Pluto and its system of moons for the very first time in history. Doubtless we’ll receive hundreds of remarkable photos from the journey. I, personally, can’t wait. So, while it’s fun to ponder what Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack for Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’ will sound like, or wonder what Wes Anderson might do next, or find something to complain about in the second season of ‘True Detective,’ why not take a couple of minutes to watch this short film and just… imagine?  

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