Watch: Wes Anderson: A 10-Minute Tour

Watch: Wes Anderson: A 10-Minute Tour

How about a leisurely stroll through the work of Wes Anderson? I know, I know: the amount of commentary, printed, online, and video-edited, about Anderson is at this point reaching sky-scraping proportions. But: this tightly constructed little piece is worth your 9-10 minutes. Paul Waters takes us through Anderson’s basic biography, shows us some of the director’s dapper commercial work, and then discusses how Anderson has interpreted such basic cinematic techniques as the overhead shot and the single shot for his own Joseph-Cornell-meets-Walt-Disney purposes. We also get close looks at such Anderson trademarks as the ubiquitous Futura font and his characters’ eccentric accoutrements. The best directors can always be revisited, and Anderson, being such, is no exception.

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