Watch: The POV Shots in the ‘Mad Max’ Movies Make All the Difference

Watch: The POV Shots in the ‘Mad Max’ Movies Make All the Difference

Even if you don’t like action movies, don’t like cars, don’t like Mel
Gibson, or don’t like Australia (or the apocalypse), it would be hard to
be immune to the charms of George Miller’s original, primal Mad Max
films. As the newest installment, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road,’
blazes a trail of high ticket sales through cineplexes across the land,
it’s more than worth a look back at these earlier films, which might
show up as examples if you were to look up the term "action film" in an encyclopedia. Because that’s what they were: pure, unmitigated action. As Rishi Kaneria points out in this excellent 3-minute toe-curling video head-trip, the source of the movies’ effectiveness was, at least in (large) part their use of point-of-view shots. Since those shots were most often deployed to place the viewer in the seat of a fast-moving vehicle speeding away from or towards a conflagration, explosion, or desolate spot outlined against a limitless hoizon, you might often finish one of the films feeling both winded and scared for humankind. If you aren’t familiar with the earlier films, take a peek at this video and then: start your engines.

3 thoughts on “Watch: The POV Shots in the ‘Mad Max’ Movies Make All the Difference”

  1. I was excited to watch this, but the music makes it nearly unbearable. Also, is that it all takes to get 15 seconds of internet fame nowadays–edit existing footage together and slap on a song? Seriously, what’s so special about this video?


  2. Mute the audio from this video, open a new tag and play "Brothers In Arms" by Junkie XL from the Mad Max: Fury Road OST, EPIC!!!!


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