Watch: The Dancing of Whit Stillman: A Video Tour

Watch: The Dancing of Whit Stillman: A Video Tour

His films have been described as “Comedies of
Mannerlessness.” Ranging from modern 90s Manhattan to the early 80s
Disco scene and soon the period of the late 18th century, Whit Stillman
has made a name for himself for his ‘[S]ly depictions of the “urban
haute bourgeoisie”’.

But while his characters often have a cynical detachment from the
upper-class life they live in, they sure know how to have fun. In all of
Stillman’s films, the art of dance is prevalent. Whether it’s the
conga, the limbo or the Sambola, the world of Whit Stillman seems to
provide a dance floor for anyone willing to give it a try.

This video showcases the love of dancing that appears in the first
four of Stillman’s films. While "Love & Friendship" is not included in
this tribute, it will be interesting to see what kind of moves will
be presented from the olden times.

Films Featured:

Last Days of Disco
Damsels in Distress

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