Watch: Listening to the Sounds of ‘Star Wars’

Watch: Listening to the Sounds of ‘Star Wars’

It’s been observed many times that muscles are crucial to human memory–that we remember things as much with our arms, legs, and fingers as we do with our brains. It stands to reason, then, that sounds can call up a range of memories about the experience with which they’re associated: sometimes in direct connection, sometimes not so direct. This new video by Rishi Kaneria takes us through the most familiar sounds of 1977’s ‘Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope,’ which is a milestone in the memories of many viewers. In so doing, Kaneria reminds us that, thanks to the sound design of Ben Burtt, the auditory experiences of the film–R2D2’s beeps, C3PO’s Anglo-robotic accent, Chewbacca’s grunt-howl–were as much responsible for the movie’s penetration of the public consciousness as its entertainment value. Close your eyes, and listen to the sounds of the place where this particular story began–or where we began to hear it told.

One thought on “Watch: Listening to the Sounds of ‘Star Wars’”

  1. The sound of Star Wars was a huge part of the journey that led me to become a sound designer and mixer by trade. Thanks for this video. Fantastic.


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