Watch: A ‘Better Call Saul’ Supercut on Point of View

Watch: A ‘Better Call Saul’ Supercut on Point of View

It makes perfect sense that point of view would be significant in the cinematography of ‘Better Call Saul‘ or its long-toothed predecessor, ‘Breaking Bad.’ After all, point of view is both shows’ stock in trade: the story lines take viewers inside the minds of characters whose thoughts and aspirations would otherwise be repugnant to them–either the ethically challenged lawyer Saul Goodman on the one hand or the chemistry-teacher-made-bad Walter White on the other. You could ask why this particular journey fascinates viewers, or you could watch Jaume Lloret‘s brief but dense melange of POV shots (and other shots) from ‘Better Call Saul,’ which showcases Arthur Albert’s wonderful cinematography, or you could do both, with impunity, and learn from the experience. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Watch: A ‘Better Call Saul’ Supercut on Point of View”

  1. OV shots–that show us what a character sees–can add drama, fun, and characterization. But in this collection of shots–some memorable–I find only a few images that qualify for the POV category: the most obvious being the two shots through the security window in the door. There was also a shot of Walter pushing a mail cart. Am I missing something?


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