Watch: The Influences on Luc Besson’s ‘Lucy’: A Video Essay

Watch: The Influences on Luc Besson’s ‘Lucy’: A Video Essay

According to "Mr. Tea and a Movie," the influences on Luc Besson’s Scarlett Johansson vehicle Lucy are many and various. Francis Ford Coppola was an influence. David Fincher was an influence. Stanley Kubrick was an influence. And there are many others. Feelings about Mr. Besson’s films themselves are mixed. Some viewers will see anything he makes, and some wouldn’t touch him for any amount of money. Some saw this mind-bending futuristic thriller because it starred human tabula rasa Johansson, and they will see any film in which she stars. (And they wouldn;t be wrong to do so, necessarily.) Whatever the case, this thorough and thoughtful (and brisk) video essay is well worth a watch, or maybe even two, just for the skillful editing).

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