Watch: “I sing a song about bananas…”

Watch: “I sing a song about bananas…”

There’s more than one way to do a video essay. Many of the video essays we run here are forms of film criticism. However, these pieces can also be instructional. But about bananas? Yes. This piece, the newest offering from the narrative geniuses at Delve, tells the story of why bananas are so cheap, and how we happen to eat them in such large quantities. The tale has something to do with a company called United Fruit (Heard of them? If you eat bananas, you have), but also something to do with the U.S government. There’s conspiracy, there’s bloodshed, there’s capitalism… and there’s a small, innocuous-seeming yellow fruit from Nicaragua. This piece teaches us something about the relationship between the Americas, the Red Scare, and the sad way in which business is sometimes conducted, in a snappily edited and highly entertaining fashion.

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