WATCHABLES Podcast #1, Feat. Arielle Bernstein and Mike Spry! From Beyonce to BOYHOOD to BIRDMAN To…

WATCHABLES Podcast #1, Feat. Arielle Bernstein and Mike Spry!

nullWe’re proud to present the first installment of Press Play’s new podcast, Watchables! This segment features our columnists Mike Spry and Arielle Benstein; future installments will bring Seth Abramson into the mix! On a semi-regular basis, the brave podcasters will discuss anything that’s… well… watchable, from film to TV to viral videos to Instagram. Today, Bernstein and Spry ruminate on their favorite things from 2014. What does this mean, for them? It means Beyonce meets Boyhood meets Birdman meets Obvious Child meets John Oliver meets… well, you’ll see. (Note: it was recorded some time ago, so forgive some references to certain holidays that might cause a slight time-machine effect.) The link is at the bottom of the page. And: if you need a visual reinforcement for some of the watchables discussed, we’ve provided a couple of those as well!

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