VIDEO ESSAY SERIES: Who Really Should Win the Oscars

VIDEO ESSAY SERIES: Who Really Should Win the Oscars


Press Play presents "Who Should Win," a series of videos that evaluates the nominees of each major Oscar category to decide who really deserves to win the Academy Awards. This is the second year that Press Play has applied its video essay power to make its Oscar determinations (see last year's video series). This year's video series is co-presented by Indiewire Press Play and Fandor

In case you haven’t noticed from all the TV commercials, full-page ads, talk show appearances, news articles and blog posts, the annual Oscar game is in full swing. Academy Awards voters have until February 4 to cast their ballots, basing their decisions on any number of factors, namely all of the aforementioned campaigning plus any word-of-mouth buzzing through Hollywood.

We aren’t fully privy to insider knowledge, but we do have access to the one thing that, in a perfect world, really should matter the most: the movies themselves. And so, with the purpose of centering the Oscar conversation back to where it really belongs, we present “Who Should Win,” a video series co-presented by the Press Play video blog at Indiewire and Fandor.

For the benefit of your Oscar pool ballot, inside each video you’ll also find our predictions for who is expected to win. But the web is cluttered with so many of these prognostications that we lose sight of could be the most fulfilling aspect of this exercise: discussing the merits of each of these nominated artists. Let the debate begin.

Who Should Win: Best Lead Actor

Who Should Win: Best Supporting Actor

Who Should Win: Best Supporting Actress

Other categories to come soon. Keep checking back and weighing in!

Kevin B. Lee is Editor in Chief of IndieWire’s PressPlay Video Blog, Video Essayist for Fandor’s Keyframe, and a contributor to Roger Follow him on Twitter.

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