VIDEO ESSAY: When Movies Meet Video Games

VIDEO ESSAY: When Movies Meet Video Games

One of Press Play's favorite video essayists, film scholar Matthias "Chaos Cinema" Stork, recently unveiled an exciting new video on UCLA's film studies website Mediascape. The video, "Transmedia Synergies: Remediating Films and Video Games," is an eye-opening look at the evolving relationship between movies and video games, and how each is influencing the other to create what Stork terms a "transmedia aesthetic." As popular and pervasive as "Chaos Cinema" is, I think this is an even better video in terms of what it explores as well as how. 

Stork's video gets into pretty brainy territory by touching on numerous concepts circulating in contemporary visual media culture, but the observations and theories are made coherent, palpable, and yes, even fun, through his brilliant use of the video essay form. We get to dive through an arresting array of images from cinematic video games like Resident Evil and Grand Theft Auto, as well as video game-like movies such as Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The Matrix and The Amazing Spiderman. Stork makes inspired use of this rich image bank: split-screens to compare similar elements between video games and movies, and a playful, game-like progression through each phase of his thesis. The clever use of gaming icons, video game fonts and sound effects suggest a video essay version of Super Mario Brothers

This is essential viewing for anyone who wants to see what elements are driving the evolution of our entertainment. Just press play!

– Kevin B. Lee

Stork's own introduction to his video can be found at Mediascape.

Matthias Stork is currently an M.A. student in the Cinema and Media Studies program at UCLA. He is interested in the intersections of cinema and digital media, especially the synergies between films and video games, the aesthetics of neo-spectacle, and video essays as emergent forms of film criticism and scholarship. You can see his video essay experiments at

3 thoughts on “VIDEO ESSAY: When Movies Meet Video Games”

  1. very good thanks alot helped me with my essay on the convergence of the two industies, i found it very interesting and sourceful I will be sure to refernce you haha one day you may become famous :):)


  2. Moderately interesting but contained several errors, mostly in pacing/structure (could have used better editing) and for whatever reason when referencing Doom old-style fullscreen television aspect ratio is identified as 4:2 when it is actually 4:3. And since Doom was first and foremost a PC game it might have been more accurate to use the word monitor anyway, not television. Little things like that and the stilted, flat delivery on the narration detract from a number of valid and actually quite interesting points made in the essay. I'm no scholar and I can tell you that.


  3. The scholarly aspect of the video keeps it from addressing the obvious conclusion of video game/movie remediation: boring, uninteresting, and culture deteriorating.


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