VIDEO ESSAY: Twelve for ’12 – The Best Films of the Year

VIDEO ESSAY: Twelve for ’12 – The Best Films of the Year

From start to finish, 2012 boasted films of remarkable variety and splendor; even the worst films of the year had something going for them (In The Hunger Games, it’s the scowl Jennifer Lawrence wears while withstanding lectures by Woody Harrelson and Lenny Kravitz; in The Dark Knight Rises, it’s Ann Hathaway knocking Christian Bale to the floor; inArgo… well never mind).

Here are twelve that stayed with me the most. But not far behind are: Abendland, Attenberg, Barbara, Bernie, Bestiaire, The Color Wheel, Girl Walk // All Day, Life of Pi, Looper, Moonrise Kingdom, The Turin Horse, Two Years at Sea, Whore’s Glory, Woman in the Septic Tank, Wuthering Heights and You Are Here.

And extra special mention to five undistributed films I saw this year that I hope will get deserved exposure in 2013: So Sorry (dir., Ai Weiwei), When Night Falls (dir., Ying Liang), The Three Disappearnces of Soad Hosni (dir., Raina Stephan), Golden Slumbers (dir., Davy Chou) and Jerry and Me (dir., Mehrnaz Saeed-Vafa).

Originally published on Fandor.

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