VIDEO ESSAY – In Praise of Maya Deren

VIDEO ESSAY – In Praise of Maya Deren

Sunday, April 29, 2012 was the 95th birthday of Maya Deren, the undisputed matron of avant-garde cinema. To commemorate the event, this video looks at Maya Deren’s magnum opus, Meshes of the Afternoon, with commentary by film programmer and scholar Livia Bloom.

Originally published on Fandor.

Livia Bloom curates cinema retrospectives. Her writing and interviews regularly appear in the film journals Cinema Scope; Filmmaker Magazine, and Film Comment, and she is the editor of the book Errol Morris: Interviews. Ms. Bloom is also Director of Exhibition and Broadcast for Icarus Films.

Kevin B. Lee is Editor in Chief of IndieWire’s PressPlay Video Blog, Video Essayist for Fandor Keyframe, and contributor to Roger Follow him on Twitter.


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