VIDEO: The Ultimate “Next on Mad Men” Preview Clip

VIDEO: The Ultimate “Next on Mad Men” Preview Clip

It's really become a perverse ritual by now for all us Mad Men fans. Every Sunday we groove on a new episode, and just as we are about to click off with the satisfaction of having taken in an exquisitely rendered hour of television, it happens.

"On the next new episode of Mad Men…"

Our ears perk up like Pavolvian dogs. We can't help ourselves. We'll devour anything, no matter how tiny or inconsequential the morsel. And they know it.


So what do we get? A 30 second string of soundbites taken totally out of context. 

"What happened?"

"I have to tell you something"

"Well that's something you don't see every day."

"Oh gosh!"

Sometimes it feels like the trained monkeys who make these montages are snickering at us through the clips: the newest one had lines like "They're like our slaves!" and "Some things never change." 

By now we're all kind of in on the joke that the joke's on us. But why should the folks at AMC have all the fun tormenting us, when we could do just as good a job? So here's our version. It's juicier, has more random lines taken out of context, is more absurd and more bluntly withholding of useful content:

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Compare this to the actual preview clip for next week's show and tell us which one you'd rather watch:

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: The Ultimate “Next on Mad Men” Preview Clip”

  1. I got as far as "On the next episode of Ma—" before the player cut to commercial, which in its way made it even more of the Ultimate Mad Men Preview Clip.


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