VIDEO: Take the “COLOR REEL” film quiz with Evan Seitz

VIDEO: Take the “COLOR REEL” quiz with Evan Seitz

Editor's Note: We at Press Play had never seen animator Evan Seitz's remarkable work up until today. Our first encounter with his kaleidoscopic visions came when our publisher Matt Zoller Seitz (no relation) sent out an e-mail blast to everyone stating unequivocally that "we should post this immediately." In the most elegant way possible Evan Seitz blends known cinema soundtracks — some of the most famous sounds in all of history —with colorful, animated likenesses from those same films, all of them interpreted through the prism of his imagination. Make no mistake about it. This is a quiz worth engaging and admiring. If you would like to pour over Mr. Seitz's other work, go here.  — Ken Cancelosi

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